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PWO-1000B bag palletizer

Palletizing containers with the use of PWO-1000B palletizer is optimally adapted to work with raschel bags mainly.  Due to its structure, our palletizer model PWO-1000B is also suitable for other products. The applied sideboards provide an opportunity to pack even the most non-stable loads. A gripping device designed for the purpose allows to reach the machine capacity of up to 1200 packaging products per hour. Dependent upon actual needs, the palletizer can be additionally equipped with a feeder of empty pallets and an accessory storage for spacers. Our scope of activity encompasses counselling, design, performance and service on the Customer’s premises.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Number of pallets in the accessory storage – 16 pcs.
  • Lift capacity – 1200kg
  • Maximum bag weight – 30kg
  • Capacity: 1200 bags/hour
  • Arbitrary number of pre-set manners of laying bags
  • Installed power: 27kW
  • Supply voltage: 3x400V; 50Hz
  • Air supply: 6-10bar
  • Air consumption: about 200Nl/min

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