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Micro-proportioning Stations

Component proportioning stations are selected in accordance with the requirements due to formulas applied by the User. What is taken into consideration is the number of ingredients and their share in a formula, required dosage accuracy, qualities of ingredients, batch size and the space available for installation.

Typical parameters of a micro-proportioning station:

  • Number of tanks: 3 – 24 pcs.
  • Size of tanks: 100 – 2000dmᶟ,
  • Electronic tank scales 1 to 3 pcs. with various volumes,
  • Sample scales loads: 10kg, 30kg, 60kg, 150kg, 300kg

Typically, ingredients are proportioned with the use of screw feeders with cut-off covers. For products which tend to block, there are mixers and pneumatic scalers installed in the tanks. Stations can be made of coated carbon steel or stainless steel.


This is a sample installation performed by Drewmax. The following are shown in the picture:


  • Three conical scales located vertically
  • Round tanks – stainless steel
  • Tank active bottom system
  • ‘Z’ type bucket conveyor
  • Automation system
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