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System scales

Drewmax company has extensive knowledge in the field of designing and manufacturing system scales. We have on offer, among others, hopper scales, flow scales, conical scales, screw feeder scales and mobile scales. Depending on the type of product being weighed, gravitational, screw, belt or vibrational feeders, as well as dosing slides are used for dispensing products. Scales capacity is limited mainly by the type/quality of the weighed product and the available installation space, whereas the volume depends on system requirements – scales are selected individually for each project.

Weighing system used by our company are based on subassemblies by worldwide recognized brands. Our company has knowledge allowing us to combine the offered appliances into the complex systems of plant automation.

Hopper scales – The presented scales are adapted to weight product fed through dosing slides from the silos located above the scales. 

Depending on the needs, the scales can be of different lengths/volumes and can be connected in various manners.

Flow scales – The WP-80 to WP-500 these are markings present on the flow scales produced by our company. 

Simple construction and the applied subassemblies guarantee accuracy of proportioning and failure-free operation.

The scales can be installed in any technological line and the scales discharge can be adapted to all types of appliances and tanks.

Conical scales – Conical scales are appreciated mainly in the food industry due to their shape and the fact that it is easy to keep them clean.

Most frequently, these scales are produced with the capacity of 50kg and 150kg.

Screw feeder scales – The presented scales are used for weighing products in the flow. The screw conveyor and the subassemblies of the scales were suitably selected in order to guarantee the highest possible accuracy of measurement.

Mobile scales – Travelling scales allow to fully control the goods discharged from production straight to tank trucks.

The volume can be configured arbitrarily. In addition, we can offer semi-automatic discharge sleeves as an accessory.

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