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Ważenie i Pakowanie, a także Automatyka i Paletyzacja czyli Drewmax

  • DREWMAX’ company was founded in 1993
  • The present owners of the company are Tadeusz and Wojciech Sąsiadek.
  • At the beginning, the activities of the company concentrated on the wholesale of wood and hence the name: DREWMAX (from the word ‘drewno’ meaning wood). Concurrently, the company traded in additives for the production of animal feed. The acquired knowledge, experience and numerous contacts in the line of animal feed production encouraged the owners to invest in an animal feed production plant. The scarce offer of Polish producers, as well as the inaccessibility of foreign market forced the owners to develop their own construction of electronic batching scales. This is how the first, simple, gross type scales with a gravitational dispenser was created in 1996. It was gradually improved until after some time so good parameters were achieved within precision, efficiency and operation ergonomics that a decision was made to start individual production. The construction has been modernized and adapted to new types of products.

  • The rate of employment has grown bigger and at present there are about 150 people employed in the company. Moreover, the company has been systematically investing in machinery stock and modern designing tools. In 2001 an industrial area was purchased in 5 Strzelecka Street and it has been the registered office of Drewmax company until this day. The real property with the area of 45,000m2, including the area of production halls amounting to 2,500m2, secures the opportunity for further and substantial development.

  • The produced machines are continuously improved and the offer of the company is extended from year to another. Drewmax has more than 100 machines and appliances on offer, intended for various industries – from chemical to food and agricultural sectors.

The main equipment produced by Drewmax:


  • Weighing and packing lines for open bags with belt doser
  • Weighing and packing lines for open bags with a screw doser
  • Weighing lines for rigid packaging – buckets
  • Other packing packing machine (Automatic weighing line for flat film bags, Weighing machines for open bags, Big-Bag filling stations, )
  • Palletization (Palletizers, Robotic palletisation, Hoods – stretch hood)
  • System scales (Tank scales, conical scales, transfer scales, screw scales, mobile scales)
  • Samplers (Bucket sampler, Pipe sampler, Screw sampler, Sub- chain conveyor sampler
  • Process tanks (Paneled, Screwed, Welded)
  • Process lines (Micro-dosing stations, Industrial automation)
  • Storage systems
  • Other selected (Gateways, Conveyors, Manifolds, “U” type chain conveyors, Big-Bag unloading stations, dosing grids, bag closing lines)

The knowledge and experience of Polish specialists, as well as robustness of products allow us to achieve what matters most to us – the satisfaction of our Customers.

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