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Weighing and packaging machine for open bags – "stand"

A weighing and packaging machine for open bags, the so-called ‘stand’, is an appliance whose main task is to properly weigh and fill a bag. All additional operations (stitching, hot sealing, applying crepe tape, etc.) aiming at closing a bag must be performed on a separate station.

The weighing and packaging machine is intended for weighing and packing loose / granulated / powdery products. Depending on the type of product being packed, the following feeders can be used for proportioning:

  • Gravitational feeder
  • Screw feeder
  • Belt feeder
  • Vibrational feeder

The weighing unit in this appliance is located on the mouthpiece and at the time of proportioning a bag becomes a scale of the balance – this is the so-called gross scales.

The weighing and packaging machine can be extended with a bag closing unit with a leading-through tape – LPack packing unit.



Basic subassemblies of the appliance:

  • Supporting structure
  • Electronic batching scales of the gross type
  • Feeder
  • Open mouthpiece
  • Clear control system based on PLC Siemens / Proface controller with a touch panel
  • Applied drives by recognised manufacturers

Optional equipment:

  • System for sucking out product in a bag
  • Filled bag vibration system
  • Feeder cleaning system
  • Balancing container located above the scales

Basic technical parameters:

  • Maximum batch weight: 50kg,
  • Minimum batch weight: 10kg,
  • Line capacity: up to 220 batches/hour (depending on the product characteristics and batch size),
  • Bag type: open bags, multilayer paper bags (up to 4 layers), envelope-shaped bottom bags without side folds are recommended, PE foil bags, PP polypropylene coated bags,
  • Bag width: 450 – 650mm,
  • Bag length: 600 – 1100mm
  • Power supply: 3 x 400V 50Hz,
  • Power requirement: max. 3kW,
  • Compressed air supply: 5 – 10bar,
  • Compressed air consumption: 100Nl
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iso-9001 DREWMAX