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Big-Bag filling station – for single-handle bags.

Drewmax company has on offer an appliance for filling single-tap Big-Bag type bags with the weight from 100kg to 1500kg. The single-tap bags are filled with the use of properly selected feeders and net scales located above the filling spot.

The filling line combined with the net scales create a semi-automatic packing appliance for loose / granulated / powdery products with the use of Big-Bag type bags.

The presented machine is equipped with a mobile filling connection pipe thanks to which placing and taking off a bag is considerably facilitated. Additionally, the automatic tightening system and the system for filling bags with the airflow make operators’ work much easier.

Basic subassemblies of the appliance:

  • Supporting structure with a service platform
  • Automatic mouthpiece
  • Collecting belt conveyor
  • Control system with a touch panel
  • Clear Control system based on Siemens PLC controller with a touch panel
  • Applied SEW or LENZE drives / servodrives

Optional equipment:

  • Filled bag vibration system
  • System for filling bags with the airflow
  • System for holding a bag during filling
  • Additional balancing conveyor
  • System for preparation to bag collection

Basic technical parameters:

  • Maximum batch weight: 1500kg,
  • Maximum batch weight: 100kg,
  • Line capacity: about 30t/h batches/hour (depending on product characteristics, machine operator and batch size),
  • Bag type: polypropylene Big-Bag single-tap type bags
  • Power supply: 3 x 400V 50Hz,
  • Power requirement: max. 5kW,
  • Compressed air supply: 5 – 10bar,

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iso-9001 DREWMAX