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Storage systems

Storage systems are one of the products offered by Drewmax company. Manual and automatic racks can be distinguished among the system elements. Due to different lines of industry, the racks can be adapted to suitable containers and trays.

Manual racks – The racks produced by our company are mainly used in the food industry. A large number of drawers for containers of various types makes it possible to store numerous ingredients. Moreover, there is a possibility to install a mobile platform placed on special railings mounted between the racks. Such a solution allows to locate small platform scales on which the staff can weigh individual ingredients placed in trays in accordance with the formula displayed on screen.

Optionally, the racks can be equipped with covers made of stainless steel, which prevent impurities from getting inside the containers. Such a solution is of significance for the quality of the stored raw materials.

The control system in which product base is included, calculates the value poured from the container  automatically and displays the current amount of product in the tray and, when bar codes are used, it additionally assures the operator that appropriate raw material has been used.

Automatic racks – A rotary rack is a modern appliance intended for storing products while making the best use of storage space. Shelves of the rack move up or down on a closed loop. Access to a given container is possible from one side of the rack only and only on one fixed level after the access hatch has been opened. The rack control system reads the number of the container to which access is requested and activates the drive of the moving shelves so that the required container is placed next to the access hatch. For safety reasons, the entire rotary rack is secured with screens and opening the access hatch is possible only when the drive of the shelves is inactivated and blocked.

In standard configuration, an automatic rack has 20 storage shelves, each of which is divided into four boxes prepared for typical storage containers being placed inside them.

The rotary rack is an ideal choice for storing:

  • Loose products
  • Documents
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Tools
  • Parts

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