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Double Weighter: 2WNV

The 2WNV scale is used to weigh bulk materials with varying degrees of granularity, from powders to raw materials with a grain size of up to 25mm. Load cells are mounted outside the dosing zone to the weighing basket, which improves weighing accuracy and cleanliness of the weighing system. Combined with a control module, dosing system, the 2WNV weighing system can be used as a standalone scale or fully integrated into a packing line for various applications in the food, feed, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

The concept of the device is based on designing the flaps of the weighing basket in a V-shaped manner. Taking into account new sheet bending technologies, the basket has been designed to increase the number of bends in the corners, thereby minimizing product accumulation in the corners while increasing the speed of emptying the basket. Stainless steel 304 bearing assemblies have been used, and pneumatic actuators have been employed to drive the flaps.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Compressed air requirement: 1.52 liters per cycle,
  • Weighing accuracy: ±15g for 25kg portions,
  • Speed: up to 25 cycles per minute,
  • Device dimensions: (height of the system) 540mm,
  • Weight of one weighing basket: 70 kg.

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iso-9001 DREWMAX