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The combination of state-of-the-art technologies and components from top brands has enabled the creation of the automatic packaging line type LA1500W. The LA1500W automatic packaging line is designed for packaging bulk/granulated/powdery products into bags made from tubular film.

The device aims to achieve high packing efficiency for a group of bulk and powdery materials, up to 1500 portions per hour, depending on the type and bulk density of the packed product.

The shuttle feeding system used in the machine ensures high stability and repeatability in bag retrieval and filling from rolls of various dimensions and shapes.

The mechanisms have been designed to divide the device into 6 main zones, such as:

  • Forming and cutting the tubular film sleeve,
  • Bag opening,
  • Filling,
  • Top bag cleaning (dependent on product properties),
  • Sealing and closing the bag,
  • Cooling of the top seal of the bag before exiting the line.

Key components of the device:

  • Bag feeding system from the tubular sleeve
  • Nozzle
  • Upper part of bag forming system
  • Upper part of bag guiding system
  • Conveyor belt for transporting bags
  • Height adjustment system for conveyor belts
  • Sealing system
  • Side conveyor belt for receiving bags with bag flipping system

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