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Stacker: UKA 600

The palletizing device UKA 600 is designed to arrange filled packages on a pallet in a manner previously programmed on the operator panel. The concept of the device has been developed to rotate and transfer the product from a specified location to arrange it on the pallet according to the programmed parameters. The lifting of the layer-forming frame is mounted on a column and operates on the principle of a telescopic mechanism, meaning it does not have a fixed maximum height. The maximum height of the pallet stack is limited to 2400mm. The selection of geared motors and pneumatic actuators is based on the latest solutions from LENZE and Festo companies.

The palletizing device UKA 600 is adapted for mobile operation, as it does not require permanent anchoring to the floor – only a forklift or other suitable transport device (with sufficient load capacity) is needed to move the device. This is due to its compact dimensions.

Key features/functionality for the product:

  • Mobility of the device,
  • Compact dimensions,
  • Flexibility in operation and adaptation to the packaged product.

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iso-9001 DREWMAX