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Semi-automatic weighing and packing line type WB/S

It was market demand that induced us to design the semi-automatic weighing and packaging line of the WB/S type, which combines in itself precision of weighing, relatively low price and simplicity of operation.

The WB/S type line is a semi-automatic appliance for weighing and packing loose / powdery products with the use of open type bags.

The presented line is equipped with a weighing system mounted on the mouthpiece, called a gross system, which denotes that the product is dispensed with the use of screw conveyors with different diameters straight to the packaging. Owing to the above, we achieved considerable cleanness of the entire system, which is of significance for the quality of production.

The WB/S type line can reach the capacity of up to 280 batches per hour.

Basic subassemblies of the appliance:

  • Line supporting structure with a service platform
  • Electronic batching scales of the gross type – 2 pieces
  • Screw feeder
  • Open mouthpiece
  • Belt conveyor for transporting bags
  • Belt conveyor height adjustment system
  • Bag top guiding system
  • Single-thread stitcher
  • Side belt conveyor collecting bags with a system for overturning bags
  • Clear control system based on Siemens PLC controller with a touch panel
  • Applied SEW or LENZE drives / servodrives
Optional equipment:
  • System for folding bag top
  • System for applying crepe tape
  • System for sucking out product in a bag
  • Filled bag vibration system
  • Feeder cleaning system
  • Impulse or continuously heated sealing unit
  • Double-thread stitcher
  • Balancing container located above the scales

Basic technical parameters:

  • Maximum batch weight: 50kg,
  • Minimum batch weight: 10kg,
  • Line capacity: up to 280 batches/hour (depending on the product characteristics and batch size),
  • Bag type: open bags, multilayer paper bags (up to 4 layers), envelope-shaped bottom bags without side folds are recommended, PE foil bags, PP polypropylene coated bags,
  • Bag width: 450 – 650mm,
  • Bag length: 600 – 1100mm
  • Power supply: 3 x 400V 50Hz,
  • Power requirement: max. 4.5kW,
  • Compressed air supply: 5 – 10bar,
  • Compressed air consumption 200-400Nl/min,


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iso-9001 DREWMAX