Zabezpieczanie produktów na palecie – stretch hood MK-1000

In 2013, Drewmax company introduced to the market a new appliance for protecting pallet loads and thus became one of just a few companies on the Polish market which are producers of these appliances. Since the beginning of production, our company has installed a few of the presented machines, especially in the coal and artificial fertilizers owijarka

The MK-1000 machine displays a whole range of advantages that make it a much better choice than foil wrappers popular on our market.

Basic advantages:

  • Easy and fast fitting of a roller with foil
  • Adjustable level of the upper case
  • Precise hydraulic system of foil stretching
  • Capacity up to 90 loads/hour
  • Automatic measurement of load height
  • Stretching foil precisely on the basis of a pallet
  • Possibility to apply foil with the company logo
  • Full protection of loads against water and, when suitable foil is applied,  against UV radiation as well.

Basic subassemblies of the appliance:

  • Supporting structure of the machine
  • Roller conveyors (in-coming, out-going)
  • Automatic system for load height measurement
  • Hydraulic system for foil stretching
  • Clear control system based on PLC Siemens controller with a touch panel
  • Applied SEW or LENZE drives / servodrives

Basic technical parameters:

  • Pallet dimensions – 800x1200mm, 1000×12000,
  • Maximum height of load with a palette – 2100mm,
  • Capacity up to 90 pallets/hour (depending on the selected machine model and height of the packed product),
  • Installed power: 12kW,
  • Supply voltage: 3x400V; 50Hz,
  • Air supply: 6 – 10bar
  • Air consumption: about 100Nl/min
  • hydraulic pressure: 90bar
  • Working hydraulic pressure: 15-90bar


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